Coffs By-Pass is a priority issue for me.  I have heard a lot of rumour, gossip and innuendo as to why the By-Pass is the last section of the Highway to be progressed.  I do not know what is true or not, and would be very keen to get behind the planning wall and find out exactly what the truth is, I would then happily share it with you, in order to progress the Highway quicker than what it currently is.

The Nationals have promised to contribute $1.25m to the 'completion' of the Port Macquarie Airport Terminal Upgrades. This is a wonderful promise that I hope Labor can at least match.

However, the Port Macquarie Hastings Council have written to say they need $2.5 million from the Federal Government to complete this project.

In 2010, I secured funding for regional airports, including $19m for Port Macquarie. As the Member for Cowper, I will work to finish the work I started.