There are a broad range of issues facing the people of Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Kempsey and everywhere in-between. We'll be adding more policy outlines throughout the campaign. Please don't hesitate to ask what an Oakeshott Independent policy position would be on anything. 

Australia needs honesty, transparency, and integrity in politics. 

Australia needs bottom-up, not trickle down economics.  "Help the poorest first" is democracy doing its job.

Australia needs a 21st century tax system, and comprehensive tax reform

A stable economy is a priority. Economic consideration must be taken around inflation rates as the primary tool of national monetary and fiscal policy.  

Australia needs to work hard at keeping our AAA credit rating secure.

Australia needs access to quality health care for everyone, no matter what their postcode may be.

Australia requires a needs-based funding model in education, and a focus on pathways for student into higher education. Collaboration must be displayed across all sectors to achieve this student-centred focus.

Australia needs our superannuation and tax system to be aligned on the traditional principle of a progressive model - more support and subsidies for those with the least, and the removal of subsidises and support for those with the most.

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The budget must come first.  Both sides say this, but through their actions of election spending, they are showing a very low commitment to their own words.  Spending other people’s money needs to be done with the highest regard and respect. This discipline is currently not on display.

I will push the 45th Parliament to follow the Pre-Election Financial Outlook (PEFO) advice issued by the independent Treasury and Finance.

This advices indicates Australia is in a secure financial position, but this should not be taken for granted, and will not remain secure in the future without further reforms.  In that context, our AAA rating (important so as our borrowing can occur at the lowest rates possible) is at risk.

A program of debt reduction needs to appear on the four-year forward estimates (the budget cycle).  Currently, both sides of politics are pushing their debt reduction strategies beyond these forward estimates.  This, in my view, is ill-disciplined, and lowers the standard of living for our children.

Australia needs to introduce recognition of Australia's first people in the Constitution. It also needs to remove all of the negative race-based clauses, like Section 25 and 51. We need to consider implementing a Treaty with our first people, similar to that of the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand.

Australia needs to become an independent nation with all authority under the Constitution being in the hands of Australians with a clearly defined Australian head of state.

Australia needs to complete the transition into the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Australia needs affordable, appropriate and secure housing.

Australia needs to be able to provide a secure retirement for all. 

Australia needs political donation reform.

Australia needs the development of a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Or we need to increase the power and authority of an existing body, like the Australian Crimes Commission.

Australia needs to spend other people's money carefully and prudently, and treat any tax expenditure with this respectful approach.

Australia needs to take Youth Unemployment for the serious issue that it is.  Jobs are a priority.

Australia needs to bring a debt and deficit reduction strategy into the four-year forward estimates. The hard work needs to start now.

Australia needs to treat the internet like a utility - similar to water or sewer networks. It is now an essential service to the home, and deserves to built to the highest standard possible. There should also be a fair price for everyone, no matter where they live.

Australia needs to hold a committee of inquiry into recent policy confusion within vocational education.

Australia needs to be globally engaged, and to participate in international forums such as the UNHCR, UNDP, WHO and the Bali Process on the movement of people, guns, money and drugs.

Australia needs to increase aid and development work within our region.

Australia needs to take action on climate change, action on smarter food, soil and water policy, and action on protecting and promoting biodiversity and threatened species.

Australia needs to increase action on feral flora and fauna to protect our unique Australian biodiversity and landscape.

Australia needs to guarantee the independence of key statutory bodies within Australia - the Treasury, Reserve Bank, Auditor-General and Ombudsman, and Fair Work Australia (in setting wages and conditions) all need to be protected from unnecessary government influence.

When parliament voted on the Marriage Amendment Bill 2012, I voted yes for Marriage Equality. In 2012 it was time for Marriage Equality, it's almost unbelievable that this important social legislation has still not passed. 

Australia needs to support those most in need.  An adequate pension system for retirement and an adequate Newstart allowance are just two examples