Cover ImageJulia Gillard, brought to you by Rob Oakeshott from The National's Don't Risk Rob Facebook page. According to their narrative, the rejection of Tony Abbott in 2010 (before he was rejected again by his own party in 2015) was a recipe for chaos & dysfunction. 

The local MP was successful in running on a platform where he claimed “stability” is owned by him and his party. As all can now see, less than 5 days after polling day, this is completely untrue.

He is now negotiating with independents and cross-benchers in a desperate scramble for power, showing the rhetoric of the previous week as empty.

By the very same logic of their own campaign, I could argue Luke Hartsuyker is now negotiating with the Greens, and Pauline Hanson. It was always stupid logic, and shows stability, chaos and dysfunction is in the eye of the beholder.  Politics is, and always will be, about talking with others, and working with others.

At one polling booth in Valla Beach on the weekend, I had one Nationals booth worker indicate “I loved you when you were in the Nationals, and I would love you again if you came back”.  Her logic was that she couldn’t love me now as an Independent, as I “got in bed” with that red-headed woman Julia Gillard, and she has a “horrible voice”.  It was a complimentary discussion, with a sting in the tail!

But now, by the same logic, the current MP is going to have to “get into bed” with a “red-headed woman”, whose voice is also her own.  He will have to do this to make this Parliament work in the national interest. 

By working with Pauline Hanson, it will not make Luke Hartsuyker a member of the Hanson Party, just as I have never been anything other than an Independent MP with a focus on the community.

The Nationals rhetoric on their “Don’t Risk Rob” posters on polling day is already proven false by their own actions now.

And rather than discourage Luke Hartsuyker from working with natural foes, I actually encourage him to do so.  Negotiating is where the national interest lies right now, and also where the community benefit is found.

I encourage Luke Hartsuyker and the Nationals to reflect on this, as there is $1.2 billion in opportunities for our community, and over $9 billion of opportunities for regional Australia in this Parliament right now.  It can all be done while maintaining a AAA credit rating for the coming three budgets, and achieving record private investment into Australia.

I look forward to Mr Hartsuyker beating these above figures, so progress and reform can be achieved for all of us.

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